My recent Removr updates were rejected with the note:

“Please remove any references of iOS 5 from your release notes and/or application description.”

Thankfully, Apple no longer requires reuploading a binary when it’s rejected for metadata issues. Supposedly just changing the description (it now says ‘bug fixes’ rather than ‘now compatible with iOS 5’) and replying to the message in resolution center should be enough to have it reviewed again.

On a side note, I’ve heard that iOS 5 beta 2 resolves the issue with SQLite3 opening databases in the app bundle, although I haven’t verified it yet.

Update: Apple has approved the updates after simply changing the description without resubmitting the binary. Removr 1.3.3 & Removr Free 1.3.3 are now available.

I’ve been able to test my apps in iOS 5 and the only one that has an issue is Removr. Sugar Rush is 100% compatible with iOS 5 and doesn’t require an update.

Removr immediately returns to the menu when you tap play or try to go to a level. I’ve already fixed it and will submit the update after some further testing as soon as Apple accepts iOS 5 application updates.

There seems to be a change in SQLite’s behavior under iOS 5 which affected Removr. I’m storing the level maps as a SQLite database in the application bundle. In the current version, I’m opening the database as follows:

int err = sqlite3_open([self.dbpath UTF8String], &db);

Under iOS 5, that fails unless readonly mode is specified when opening the database. The simple fix was merely to specify read only mode as follows:

int err = sqlite3_open_v2([self.dbpath UTF8String], &db,SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY,NULL);

I will release a Removr beta in the next few days to anyone whose device ID I have (I can’t add any new devices until July 16).

After a week in review, I finally got an email from Apple today saying that version 1.3.1 was rejected because:

Removr has the UIFileSharingEnabled key set to true in the Info.plist, but this feature is not functional.

When file sharing is enabled, the entire Documents folder is used for file sharing. Files that that are not intended for user access via the file sharing feature should be stored in another part of your application’s bundle. If your application does not require the file sharing feature, the UIFileSharingEnabled key in the Info.plist should not be set to true.

Removr does use file sharing to allow levels to be added using our level editor. I changed the way it works since the last version. Previously, I copied the internal level database to the document folder where it could be edited. I now look for files with the extension leveldb and add them as additional levels. For the benefit of the reviewers, I’ve also provided a sample level file.

I had originally intended 1.3.1 as an intermediate update to add some new levels & achievements while I perfected that feature, so I had it temporarily disabled, since I figure not too many people were using it. After I submitted it, I contined to work on that feature in a way to lay the groundwork for in-app purchasing, as well as creating new levels.

The newly re-submitted Removr 1.3.1 now has 100 levels instead of 96 with fully-functional file sharing. Hopefully this one won’t take too long to approve.