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  1. I've been dismissing rumors of a smaller iPad for the past couple of years as well. It seems so un-Apple to me. I think that is largely in part because Steve Jobs probably did not one in order to simplify the product line. All the analysts said creating a smaller, cheaper model would benefit Apple but I always sided with the Jobsian point of view that creating smaller, cheaper devices was "shit" and wouldn't benefit the company. I think Apple will be able to create a great, smaller, and cheaper iPad. Apple always does things their way and most of the time they do it right. I'll gladly buy a smaller iPad if it's the same experience, only smaller and cheaper. The bad thing is that Google beat them to it and the Nexus 7 is selling like hotcakes. I think that Apple will be able to make a larger dent if they release a smaller iPad though at their own event. As we all know, their events are the king of the tech industry and are covered much more thoroughly in the mainstream media, technology blogs, and financial institutions.

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