2 comments on “Sugar Rush, Removr, and iOS 5

  1. Hi,
    I changed to use the function sqlite3_open_v2() with SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY flag as you post and my app worked fine on simulator of Xcode 4.2 GM seed.
    But after uploading it to iTunes Connect, Apple rejected it because they get 0 results when try to read data from DB. It's strange. Plese helpe me.

    PS: All worked fine with iOS4.x or lower

    • Are you using the right path for the database? The most common cause I've found for things to work in the simulator but fail on the device is due to case sensitive file systems. On the simulator, the file system is case insensitive, but on the device it's case sensitive. Therefore, if you open the file using a path name like "MyDatabase.sql" but the actual fie name is "MyDatabase.SQL", it will work on the simulator but not on the device.

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