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When Apple introduced the MacBook Air late last year, they called it The Next Generation of MacBooks. I was really hoping the new MacBook Pro would inherit many of its attributes, such as the thin profile, light weight, and standard SSD. Although the new models are a nice improvement over the old MacBook Pro, with faster processors & improved graphics, they’re still just as big and heavy.

After using the 3 pound 13″ MacBook Air, I will never go back to a big laptop that weighs 5 pounds or more. I would have preferred to see much thinner MacBook Pros with no optical drive and a standard SSD drive. Despite the slower processor, I find my MacBook Air to be almost as fast as my old 15″ MacBook Pro thanks to the much faster SSD. I would still love to see a “super MacBook Air”, with the fastest CPU & graphics from the MacBook Pro and 8GB RAM, but without too much extra size & weight by keeping the SSD and eliminating the optical drive.

My resubmitted 1.3.1 has been approved and is now ready for sale. This version features 100 levels with 4 new hidden achievements in game center. It now adds levels created with our Level Editor to the built-in levels, unlike previous versions which used a single level database that could be edited. Levels are added using file sharing in iTunes.

After a week in review, I finally got an email from Apple today saying that version 1.3.1 was rejected because:

Removr has the UIFileSharingEnabled key set to true in the Info.plist, but this feature is not functional.

When file sharing is enabled, the entire Documents folder is used for file sharing. Files that that are not intended for user access via the file sharing feature should be stored in another part of your application’s bundle. If your application does not require the file sharing feature, the UIFileSharingEnabled key in the Info.plist should not be set to true.

Removr does use file sharing to allow levels to be added using our level editor. I changed the way it works since the last version. Previously, I copied the internal level database to the document folder where it could be edited. I now look for files with the extension leveldb and add them as additional levels. For the benefit of the reviewers, I’ve also provided a sample level file.

I had originally intended 1.3.1 as an intermediate update to add some new levels & achievements while I perfected that feature, so I had it temporarily disabled, since I figure not too many people were using it. After I submitted it, I contined to work on that feature in a way to lay the groundwork for in-app purchasing, as well as creating new levels.

The newly re-submitted Removr 1.3.1 now has 100 levels instead of 96 with fully-functional file sharing. Hopefully this one won’t take too long to approve.